Three Rights Make a Left

As friend Lee McDermott and I drove from Comstock, Texas toward the highest bridge in Texas over the Pecos River. We passed a sign that said: Amistad National Recreation area. As we crossed the Pecos on Highway 90, Lee said his Deer lease was ten miles further. I thought about the lay of the land. I knew that Lake Amistad was huge and the Pecos and Rio Grande River Canyons were deep and crossing the Rio Grande would be pretty limited near Langtry. I asked Lee: “Do you ever see people who have crossed the Rio Grande on the Deer Lease.” The logic of that question would become even more apparent when in the next few days when we would pass several green and white SUV’s bearing the insignia of the US Border Patrol.

Back to my question about seeing border crossers on the lease, Lee said: “It’s funny you should ask.” He then went on to tell a pretty disturbing story about something that happened last spring. Lee said that in May he came to the lease from Forney to do some work preparing for deer season. The lease is so close to the border that if you shoot a rifle to the West the bullet would literally fall in Mexico. Lee said that when he got do the deer camp, he was told that the Border Patrol had been to his hunting camper after an anonymous phone call from a group who had crossed the Rio Grande into Texas with a grim story. It seemed that one of the band had died just as he got across into Texas. His companions left his body on the wooden deck of Lee’s hunting camper and left him there. From what Lee found I assume they had waited several days before they made the phone call.


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