The first day of practice was on January 26th. That was 135 days ago. 19+ weeks of practices, scrimmages and games. They didn’t get a Spring Break. 44 games to be exact.

The second annual Texas Monthly MeatUp was held last weekend, June 9, 2018, in San Antonio, Texas.

How do you even write this story? I considered tracking down a Hollywood script writer. The story reads like something out of Hollywood. Maybe the Hall- Mark Channel.


Well, things were rough the previous night, but there was a new feeling in the air—still hot and humid and slight breezes, but SOMETHING was just DIFFERENT!

“Thursday” derives its name from “THOR’S DAY,” and we had been waiting all week long to see our Rabbits exhibit the powers of the old Norse god, who wielded thunder and lightning and protected mank


On January 11th of this year my cousin Kevin, who I grew up with and love like a bother, was sentenced to 20 years in prison in Colorado after pleading guilty to a crime that happened several years

Everyone knows I am a terrible stay-at-home. It’s a shame that I live a 30 minute- drive from world-class dining and entertainment and I enjoy exactly none of it. I’m just not much of a traveler.

Jesus spent the last days before the Passover, when He would be crucified, teaching and trying to convince His disciples and followers what was about to happen to Him.

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