Three Rights Make a Left

As I travel across the country preaching at churches about disaster relief I get by telling the same jokes over and over because most of the time when I preach more than once at a congregation there are several years that separate the last time I spoke there.

One joke I tell gets a laugh almost anywhere in the country. I tell them that I was a County Commissioner for eight years before I turned to honest work. That fact used to be announced before I spoke, but for the first several years I would give the person tasked with introducing me a one-page biography with entirely too much information. I would admonish them not to read everything but to pick out a few things they like. Almost always they would read everything on the page. I always felt sorry for Lori out in the audience because she is always great about listening to my sermon….. over and over again. She is good about giving me tips about how to make my delivery better. The most frequent tip, by far, has been to shorten my biography.

Rather than do that, the last several years I have left my bio sheet inside the jacket of my Bible and if they insist on introduction information, I will write down a couple of things on a piece of paper so it will be short.



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