Stranger Than Most

I Hate the Cold!

I was going to title this column Welcome to the Ice Age, but I know too many of my friends and family would stop reading right there. What I actually want to write about has nothing to do with the AGW theory/ hoax. My subject today is Hell. As in H-E-double toothpicks. Not just being stuck in traffic, or in a contentious marriage, but the real deal. Demons with pitchforks, lakes of fire and noxious fumes for eternity. The Pope came out and said it doesn’t exist. I wonder.

Of course, my vision of Hell never included burning heat. I side with that tiny slice of Nordic DNA I possess and believe that we’re going to go, not by fire, but by ice. (The Title of a book you should read, by the way.) People today act like cold is great and heat is the enemy. That’s because so many of them spend the winter running from heated room to heated car. They’ve forgotten just how deadly cold can be.


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