Three Rights Make a Left


It was November 28, 1944 during the battle of Hurtgen Forest when a Texas Private, Kenneth D. Farris in the Company B 22nd Infantry Regiment, received a shrapnel wound from the German defensive bombardment. The wound was light and he was sent from the front line to report to the Battalion Aid Station. Thousands of miles from his home near Childress, Texas, the private with the bright eyes and wide smile was never heard from again. On November 29th 1945 the War Department issued a presumptive finding of death.

History little remembered the battle that was overshadowed by the more famous Battle of the Bulge. But the lives lost near Aachen, Germany were as important as any. Telegrams were delivered to heartbroken mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters and a host of family members and friends. That is the ones who’s soldiers had been found on the battlefield or died in aid stations. The families of soldiers who were not found had to wait, hope and pray. That was the case with the family of Private Kenneth D. Farris. But his family never gave up. Eventually his mother and father died never knowing what had become of their precious son. However his sister, Judith (Farris) Bingham never gave up. Judith wrote letters, made trips to Germany, France and Belgium to try to find her beloved brother.


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