Stranger Than Most

When I moved into my husband’s house 16 years ago, he had a drum set in his back bedroom. On weekends he liked to go in there, crank up some old rock and roll and bingbang- boom away. It didn’t take too long before I impressed upon him the need to move the drum set out of the house.


So he built a man cave in the garage to accommodate his musical equipment and the drum room became my office. Next, I impressed upon him the need to avoid waking me up at 3 am by opening and shutting his drawers and cabinets as he dressed for work. Now he’s moved most of his clothes into the guest room and most of his toiletries into the guest bath. He wakes up, tiptoes out and I don’t see him until I get home at night. Soon enough I would have gotten him out of the house altogether except that I decided to turn our shed into a woman cave. For me.


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