Stranger Than Most

In the Bible, someone will occasionally opine that the road to hell is straight and wide, but the road to heaven is narrow and difficult. The road to hell is also supposed to be paved with good intentions, something I’ve never really understood. But I tend to think there’s way more than just two roads and that they all have varying degrees of difficulty and width. Now that narrowest of paths is for the holy men and women. Those who have been “touched” by God. John the Baptist living in the wilderness and eating locusts. (Ick!) Buddha wandering the world with a begging bowl and a walking stick.

Monks with vows of silence and nuns with vows of poverty. That’s some serious godliness right there. I think there’s another road for the truly evil. Those who lie, steal, murder and somehow justify it all to themselves and end up playing the victim. Unfortunately, you’ve also got some who pretend to be holy and they can be the nastiest of all. But I don’t see this road as particularly easy. Criminals usually lead pretty uncomfortable lives. Still it’s probably a wide and well-marked thoroughfare


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