Laymen’s Corner

What does it mean to be in the presence of GOD? The first thought I can think is, there is peace, joy, clean surroundings, perfection, and many other things we cannot see or conceive with our human minds. Since flesh and blood cannot enter into the presence of GOD, we have to be in the spirit. I know that sounds spooky but it is true. We only came into the presence of GOD through the Holy Spirit when we were saved. When we received the gift of the Holy Spirit, we can come close to GOD by prayer and supplication. Think what that means. The very GOD of Heaven will turn His ear to us and listen. I have experienced GOD’S answer to my prayer when I did not speak a word. That must mean that GOD knows our thoughts too. GOD searches our hearts and knows what is in there. I know I am rattling on, but I am having fun doing it.



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