Laymen’s Corner


I am sure everyone has heard this several times, but it is worth repeating. We are in the middle of a war between good and evil. The Devil has flooded the world with all kinds of temptations and devices meant to keep us from serving GOD and growing in grace. The bible declares that from the fall of Adam mankind has been weak and easy prey for the evil forces. Since Adam sinned against GOD, humans have gone away from GOD. Only a few trust GOD and are willing to serve Him completely. On the other side, (the good side), GOD has made a plan to bring mankind back to Himself by sending His Son, (Jesus Christ) to pay for the sins that we could not pay ourselves. Even if we died, it would not be enough to pay for our sins. I believe that when Jesus died on the cross, He went into the presence of GOD and placed His blood before GOD to remain there continually. I believe that keeps GOD from destroying all evil from the earth before His plan is complete. So, what does all this mean to us?

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