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Israel was set free from slavery (saved) and crossed the red sea (baptized to GOD “in symbol”) and now training must begin. We need to keep in mind that even though they were slaves in Egypt, they had food and water plus houses to live in. Now they are going to take a journey through desert sand and heat to GOD’S mountain. GOD would feed and protect them but He would also give them enough hardships to learn to have faith in Him and His watch care over them. GOD provided a cloud by day to keep the sun off of them and a cloud of fire by night to light their way. This training in that time was different from GOD’S training for His people today. They had Moses for their leader and he was the way they had to go to GOD. Today the indwelling Holy Spirit takes us directly to GOD’S throne to make our requests known.

GOD was preparing Israel to receive the law and His requirements for righteousness and good standing with Him. We will see later just how demanding His commandments and ordinances were. GOD did not demand anything from them that they could not do, but it all required effort on each one of them to hear and obey GOD’S law and word. All of the training was necessary for them to be a witness to the world. Although they never actually carried out GOD’S purpose for them, the world receives many benefits from that nation. Through them came the law, the record of creation, the Bible and many others we will see later. The Jews started the 2.98 for something that cost 3.00 dollars. That makes it sound like it is just over 2.00 dollars.


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