Jesus needed to fulfill all scriptures exactly. He sent his disciples to a certain place to bring a mule’s colt to ride on going into Jerusalem. As he drew near to the city, His disciples and followers began to throw palm branches on the path in front of Him. Some of them threw their clothes on the path. They did not completely understand, but they knew that Jesus was a king from Heaven. When Jesus came closer to Jerusalem, He wept over the people. Only a Mighty GOD would weep for His creation in spite of the Corruption and sin existing there. Most of us can’t fully understand GOD’S love for us, but we receive it when we are saved.

Jesus had to do all He did because we are all sinners from our youth up. The Pharisees were filled with anger and told Jesus to quiet down His followers. Jesus told them that if He told them that, the “rocks” would immediately cry out. If that doesn’t tell us that Jesus controls everything in existence, I don’t know what will.


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